Monday, July 21, 2014

No I'm not dead....

We've been having more fun than you can imagine getting that oven installed.  We bought the oven from an Amazon affiliate; mostly because it was $800 less than at Home Depot or Sears.  However, there was a slight delivery problem.  It was a week late arriving here.  Grrr!  My wife was about ready to fly to New York and kill someone.  However, finally it showed up.  The guys unpacked it and we inspected it carefully.  Happily it was just fine.  The only problem is that the thing weighs something over 300 lb (135kg)! 

Now that we had the oven we felt comfortable getting in touch with the electrician.  They couldn't come immediately so it took a couple days and we had the new oven sitting in our nook.  Now we felt comfortable about taking the old one out but it was a little heavy for my wife to help me.  So we waited for the electrician.  He showed up and was great.  He helped me pull the old one out and unhooked it.  Then he wired up the new one and helped me put it in.  It fits like a glove!  Happy days.  Well, almost.

The instructions for the oven tell you to remove the oven doors prior to installation so we did that; then we couldn't get them back on!  Jeez, let me tell you, we tried!  We tried time and again but finally had to admit defeat.  I called our local appliance repair person and got on their schedule.  Finally, the day comes around and the guy shows up.  I've got to give him credit; he didn't even laugh!  It took him about half an hour but he did get the damn doors back on.  Finally we could trip the breaker and we have an oven again.  Jeez!

We've tried a couple things and so far it's working well.  It has all kinds of bells and whistles that will never be used.  For example, you can connect it to your wireless network so you can use a smartphone to fire up the oven before you get home.  Really?  Gradually we are getting the various settings modified to our liking.  There are a few things to get finished, like painting, but nothing too challenging.  And we get to eat in the meantime. 

We did take the old ovens and microwave to the recycling center.  It was 300 lbs of various metals and glass; we got $20 for it.  It's hardly worth doing but I like the idea that it will be something else someday rather than just taking up room in a landfill. 

There are a few other things going on but I can't talk about them right now.  Besides, I have some kitchen duties calling me.  Have a good one!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Oh gee, crappy blogging again!

Here's a headline that talked to me; except I'm not so stupid as to try to hide my knife.  When we were in China I forgot to pack my Swiss Army knife in my luggage one time.  When I admitted this to our guide, he recommeded leaving it behind.  He even called a friend to come 'find' it.  Well, it was a great way for the 'friend' to get  a nice pocket knife but I figure it would probably found it's way to a landfill otherwise so I guess I'm ok with the friend having it.  I've had two Swiss Amry knives:  one from when I was about 21 and visited Switzerland for the first time; the other from my mid 40t's after the first started being kind of sloppy.  Well, now I've got a third.  Same version but just tighter.  Too bad we can't get a new body like we get a new knife!  LOL!

Things have been rather quiet around the homestead these days.  We pulled out the over-the-stove microwave/vent hood and replaced it with a regular stove vent hood.  The old one didn't do a very good job of venting the stove AND somehow grease found it's way into the thing to drip into the microwave.   Weird but nasty.  So now we have a dedicated vent hood.  I'm really sorry to say it took us all day to change it out!  Guess that we made almost every error known to humans.  I even made a template which did help in positioning the screws but was a bit off.  Gee, wish the maker had thought to give us one.  $400 noisy POS! 

We are waiting, impatiently, for a new double oven to replace the one we currently have.  The new guy will have convection in both ovens and the self cleaning feature as well.  The current ones are just a pain in the a55.  We should get them next week and after the torture of installing them, I'll post a before and after photo. 

Gotta wander off now.   It's almost 22:00 and time for old guys to be in bed.  Take care!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

What is he so interested in?

I saw the cat sitting by the back door, very intent on something.

Hmmm,, guess this would be it!
Don't know if it is the birds or the bunny but there has to be some breakfast out there somehow!

We haven't done much in the last couple of days; just working on the every longer 'honey-do' list.  I work out in the garage but by 09:00 it's way too warm to keep going.  Don't you just hate it when you sweat on something you just painted?

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just a photo...

I don't have much to say this morning but I wanted to share this photo.  We had a little bunny visiting this morning at the base of the bird feeder helping to clean up seed that has been spilled on the ground.  He was pretty cute and seemed to get along fine with the doves who are our more usual visitors.  Notice how everyone kind of blends in with the rocks.

We have a cloudy day today.  It's kind of nice for a change but it doesn't smell like rain so I'm thinking we won't get any.  As 'The Weather Channel" says "Dry conditions will continue."

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jeez, 10 days! Really?

Ok my mind has been on other things but now I've got to remember what I've been up to lately.  Not too much actually.  We are getting out by 06:00 so we can walk in the morning.  If I wake in the night I open the windows to let in a bit of fresh air.  It gets down to about 70F (21C) about 02:00 in the morning.  By 09:00 we have closed up the house because it will be 85F (29C) headed for 102F (39C) or so by late afternoon.  Next day we go through the whole thing again.

My wife has been complaining about the dinette seats in the RV; the foam is too soft and the cloth is wearing in places.  There is an upholstry shop in town so we took the seats over to the guy.  He is in his 70's and is letting his business kind of wind down but we were able to find some fabric that we liked so had him replace the foam and then cover them using the new fabric.  It took him a couple days but he did a really nice job and from just trying them out we think it's a great improvement.  We'll get to test them out later this summer when we go for a little trip.  I'd take a picture but they just look like they belong.

Last Thursday we drove over to Death Valley Natl. Park just for something different.  We didn't actually go to the valley though, we took a side road to a point called Dante's View.  You are on a cliff overlooking the park.  The cliff is at elevation 5,475 ft (1,668 m) and you are looking down into the valley which is, of course, below sea level at -280 (-85m) right below you.  It's really a pretty cool view.  Didn't bother to go down into the valley since it was already warm!

Then on Saturday my wife and I went into Las Vegas for some general shopping.  There are just plenty of things you can't get in our small town so if you want, for example, some nice cheese, you've got to travel.  Likewise if you want clothing that doesn't come from Walmart, you've got to travel.  We wanted both.

I also needed to find my way to Harbor Freight.  I did something fairly dumb a few days ago and decided I really need a little mobile tool cart.  What was the dumb thing I know you want to know....  I'm embarrassed but I was checking the fluid in the battery in the truck.  I used a screwdriver to pry the caps off - then left the screwdriver in the engine compartment!  Next day I took the truck into town for something or other and was fortunate that screwdriver didn't find it's way into the fan or even short out the battery and cause a fire.  Now I've got a cart that I can put stuff on rather than balance things on top of things in the engine compartment.  Well, I will have a cart when I get the thing put together. 

Sunday was a fairly do-nothing day.  When we went to China it was to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Sunday was the actual day.  So we talked, had a special meal and watched a couple of old movies.  Very quiet but after all, we'd gone to China to celebrate already! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good one.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!  Kinda breezy around here.
Have a good one!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Piggn' out!

No, I'm not talking about that lovely pizza we got the other night.  I'm not even talking about the two huge steaks we got at Sam's Club yesterday.  No, this is something different.

I was driving into town when what should I see but a couple of pot-belly pigs.  Apparently they had decided to go 'walkabout'.  I wasn't doing much so I stopped and they came to me!  They were still kind of damp with mud so I figured they must live in one of the houses along the street.  No answer at the first house.  The guy at the second house denied all knowledge of pigs.  No answer at the third house.  About this time I decided I needed Animal Control.  Here are my two little buddies.

A guy came along and I flagged him down hoping he might have an idea.  He did.  He knew of a family that had quite a few animals and volunteered to go ask if they were missing pigs.  He returned in a few minutes with the news that they weren't missing any animals.  About this time my phone rings, it is Animal Control saying their truck should be at my location in five minutes or so. 

Just about then a car pulled up to the house across the street.  A boy jumped out and started running over to me and the pigs.  Happily I was able to tell Animal Control that the mystery was solved and they needn't respond.  I think the Animal Control lady was as happy as I was.  Pigs might have been a little different for them but sometimes you don't need different. 

The boy got a little food and the pigs decided they had a new best friend.  I found them cute and pretty friendly but let's just say I was sure glad to see that kid! 

My big errand that had me out on the street this morning was to buy some stuff for the VFW Food Bank.  We have plenty of vets out here who need help.  Some live up on the side of the mountain in old trailers, vans and even tents.  They may be a little crazy but they need to eat.  We like dropping some food off every now and then.  The Food Bank requests things that don't require a can opener; even things that don't require cooking!  What can you say besides heartbreaking?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good one.