Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What in the world?

Our view day before yesterday looked like this.
Our view from yesterday looked like this.
Where in the world are we?  But we are on the way home for more life in the slow lane.  Best wishes!

Monday, March 06, 2017

Life in the fast lane - NOT!

I haven't been blogging because the hightlight of my days has been our annual fight with weeds in the yard.  Exciting stuff, huh.  We usually buy at least one new sprayer every year; they just get clogged up or stop holding pressure or whatever.  Then we go over the lawn.  This year we used about 10 gallons (38 l) of spray on the first go-round then another 5 gallons (19 l) when the tiny weeds had grown a bit.  I'm thinking there are another 2 gallons (8 l)  in my future since there are yet more of the tiny guys popping out. The weather has been quite mild so the weed population has been enjoying life. 

Otherwise we did manage a trailer trip to San Diego.  Our son and his girlfriend live there and we like to check up on them from time to time.  The trip over was uneventful.  We normally stay in the same park since we love the view of the water.  They keep raising the rates but we just have to do it.  Their wifi is almost non-existant so that is the bad news.  Still, being without the internet for a week is probably good for the soul. 

Our trailer has a picture window in the back so when we back into our space we get a great view.  Sunsets can be great.

There are always people to watch.  In this case rowing crews out practicing.

The traffic is always awful and this time we seemed to hit rush hour more than usual.  Of course driving this huge truck doesn't help any.  It also doesn't help that the city has taken roads designed for two lanes in each direction and changed them to three lanes in each direction without actually widening the street.  Those lanes are narrow!  The streets are also very poorly maintained.  I think they do a lousy job here at home but they are superstars compared to the work done in San Diego. 

We did spend a day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  We did really enjoy the day but I have to admit to thinking it's pretty expensive.  Adult tickets are $52 and if you want to go on some of the tours the prices go up fast.  I could see a family of four dropping $500 quite easily.  At some point we got thirsty and discovered that a bottle of water is nearly $5. 

Still, it's fun to watch the animals.  These elephants had some hay in a bin up above them but there was more hay hidden in that round toy.  Only one trunk would fit at a time so the big guy was hogging it.

I also liked this shot of the giraffe drinking.  He must have been doing good because he was there for quite a while.
Of course none of us had a camera; my wife's camera battery was dead, our son doesn't own one and I left mine at home.  Grrr!  At least we got a few cellphone photos. 

So, that's my  life these days.  A little weed killing and a little animal watching - as I said, life in the fast lane.  Thanks for stopping by!