Sunday, July 17, 2005

Two Misses!

We here in Tampa Bay are feeling really lucky these days. First Dennis went past about 100 miles offshore and only rained on us a little (and did 50 mph breezes). Then Emily goes off and hits Mexico. Ohhh, we do feel for those folks who are getting hit but we are still very greatful that it isn't us!

Otherwise, life is pretty normal. The grass really ought to be cut twice a week because it grows so fast but no one actually does that. Besides, cutting it when it is wet is it's own problem. Our a/c died Saturday so we spent the evening and this morning in 90 degree heat-90% humidity. It was only a small part but ended up costing $250; and we consider ourselves lucky. A/C makes life possible in Florida in the summer - except when the hurricane comes by and blows things away. Then you are in survival mode and just breathing satisfies you.

Have a good month or two!