Monday, August 15, 2005

Yet more dull!

We have just been working on the house a little and dealing with our mothers. Now that is dull! It is so hot & humid that I can only work outside for a couple of hours a day. It severely reduces the amount one can accomplish. Not to mention that I'm lazy to start with!

The MIL is back in the hospital again so we visit every day or two. She has been having a lot of back pain so they are testing the heck out of her. Now they are talking about some sort of back cement that holds the spine in one position. It's non-surgical and give immediate relief if it works. If it doesn't; well, I don't know! We need to talk to the doctors a bit more.

Just finished Freakonomics - good book. The guy has some different ideas but he is looking at things from a new perspective and I like that. He comes up with things like making abortion available has reduced the incidence of crime because the unwanted & unloved children who might have been born weren't so they aren't around to commit crimes. Would love to know how that theory lasts over the years!

Gotta go.

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Cinnamon said...

I've been reading you,too - the rare times when you post! Now consider yourself Tagged, too, so you have to write again soon!