Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Day

I got a happy surprise over the dinner last night: the dijon marinated pork was really nice. We just added a salad and there we were. Watched the Oscars until we were falling asleep so recorded the rest for viewing this a.m.

This is home maintenance day. I'm off to mow that lawn, sweep that pool and all that good stuff.

Have a good day!

Well, it was happy until I heard about the SD decisions on abortion. My wife is pretty sure she couldn't have an abortion; I'm not sure where my mind is but we are both certain that it is no business of any government to tell us whether or not someone can have or must have an abortion. For that is the other side of the stick.

I'm trying to love my fellow man, honestly I am!


kate said...

I am just gutted about the abortion decision. I am pro choice. I came really close to having to make that choice once. I think I may blog about that later today. I, like your wife, dont know if I could have done it. Thank God I didnt have to find out and I had 2 healthy babies!

Cinnamon said...

I'm really glad the pork turned out - it is a yummy recipe.

Pro choice here, too. Not happy with the prospects of this new supreme court revisiting the issue, either.