Friday, July 06, 2007

Not Dead Yet

Hello all. Yes, I'm getting worse about updating the blog. Well, I only started it so I could leave comments on other blogs so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Haven't been doing much. We keep talking about moving and doing as little as possible however I think that is changing. We sold our little bass boat last week. A nice couple who look like they will use it bought it. Next are the BMW and the spa. The BMW will be difficult. We picked in up in Munich on the European Delivery Plan on May 15, 1993. The first few years my wife commuted in it but then when we lived in New Jersey she worked from home. In Holland she had a company car and I used it around town. Now that we are retired, we mostly use the truck because it fits our needs better. As a result, we have a 14 year old car with around 83,000 original miles. What a shame. But we both LOVE driving the car. It has spoiled us for anything else. It will be tough to sell it.

Otherwise, I am having cararact surgery at the end of the month. I'm only 58 but I guess it's my time. Right eye this time but they say it won't be long before the left requires it. The sad thing is that our insurance covers the operation and a basic lense but won't do anything about the new improved lens they can implant. The new ones have three focusing areas - far, near and close rather than the one distance older lenses. It will cost us $2500 out of our pocket but I really can't see getting the single focus ones. Any advice?

ONE MORE THING! I had a brain cramp and screwed up my yahoo id. I used to be don34685 at - NOW I'm duhdon34685 at Sorry but I'm just an idiot sometimes.

Take care of yourselves; it's tough out there.

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Helene said...

Hey there Don!! Long time no hear from! It was great to see your comment today!

My Dad is having cataract surgery this month as well. His doc didnt recommend the new lens. He felt it wasnt perfected and that the results for far and near vision were not optimal (ie he may have to use glasses in the long run for both) vs the regular lense will give you 20/20 distance vision but he will need reading glasses. I asked about the radio wave surgery for farsidedness (reading) and the doc said it was still not perfected enough for him to recommend it. I have had the lazik surgery and LOVE it! I am close to needing reading glasses, but am fighting it all the way! lol

Good luck with things!