Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Im really tired of it all

Someone sent me a link to a bunch of questions proposed by a group trying to help the US Presidential election system to a better place. One of the things they would like us to consider is internet voting. Obviously it's technically possible. It would be direct and quick; the two problems I see are 1) internet access for some and 2) only one vote per person. These objections should be pretty easy to deal with; there must be a hundred ways!

The thing is that there hasn't been a candidate that's been worth a shit in years! There is so much coverage of every tiny aspect of their lives that a 'normal' person wouldn't bother! Think about all the people who've been embarrassed by having Mexican maids who were in the country illegally. Think about the guy who went on a vacation and was photographed with a blonde on his lap. Think about how Bill Clinton was almost impeached for getting a blow job from an intern.

ALL these things were wrong. Each of the people involved were doing something either illegal or, according to our mores, immoral. The problem is that NOT ONE of those things had to do with whether or not the person might be a great president. If you put my life under that microscope, with the power and resources of every newspaper in the country behind you, I would be laughed out of the race. And I'm someone who has had maybe 6 traffic tickets in my life; served as an officer in the US Army (honorably!); have had positions requiring security clearance for most of my professional life; have NEVER performed any act that would be considered a felony (as far as I know!).

It just isn't right. If we'd like "the best and the brightest" to lead us; we have to let up on the stupid stuff and pay attention to the important stuff. Any ideas? I don't care who wins the next election, I already know they'll be a greedy, crooked bastard.

On that uplifting note; have a good one please! And definitely, take care out there.


cathouse teri said...

Hello there!

I'm sorry. I am not into political discussions, and I never really meant for my post to turn into a discussion over whether or not our voting system works. I just wanted to kind of point out how idiotic people are on the subject. That's all.

How is life on the humid end of things?

Don said...

Not a problem; there aren't usually many people reading this so unless you mention some unusual kind of sex no one will read your womment at all.

Of course, the question of the value of our voting system is a good one. It is questionable seeing how ill it has served us in the past, at least. Still, I didn't want this to be that kind of forum either.

I'd much rather discuss whether, no not whether but how, the nose is an erotic zone. Personally I'd say no except for the reception of smells; however......

cathouse teri said...

You said sex AND erotic! Surely tons will swarm to read the comments today! :)