Friday, January 18, 2008

Something to eat

I saw this over on Someone Else's Horescope ( We love food and the preparation of it so much that I had to answer.

I have such an great diversity of bloggmates visiting here from near and far...
1. would love to know what some of your dinner favorites are...
2. what your favorite take out is...
3. annnnnd, if you were to cook me a meal what it would be!

1. Dinner favorites - if I cook, a stew of some kind, maybe curry. If my wife cooks, perhaps, chicken piccata. Wine, certainly!
2. Don't do much take out - pizza is usually it.
3. Well, something special for an honored guest. What do you like? BBQ steak, salmon, a pork roast; or if you prefer we could do something like a filet mignon, chicken kiev, enchiladas? We are pretty versatile. There would be a vegetable, a salad and probably bread. Desert is not usually on the menu but if you have a sweet tooth, we might add berries & cream. Would that work?


meggie said...

Hi Don, Thanks for coming over to visit my blog. Always like to meet new people.
I guess you dont have really cold winters? I used to think I would love to go to Orlando, & visit Disneyland there, but not so keen now.
My 1st choice for dinner would be anything seafood.
Favourite takeaway would probably be Pizza.
I might cook Roast Pork or some Chicken dish with fresh salad for guests
Fresh fruit platter for desert if anyone wants to nibble on.

Cinnamon said...

Hi Don!

Wow! You've been posting a lot - great to catch up!

My first choice for dinner would be veal saltimbucca or chicken piccata; the Kidlet lives on pasta. Any starch - pasta, bread, potatoes, rice. Maybe the reson she has so much energy every day is that she's in a perpetual state of carb-loading!

Favorite takeout - my favorite is cheesesteaks! But even a Philly girl can't eat them every week if I want to live past 45, so... we usualy get pizza delivered.

If I was cooking for you...well, since I knopw you like to cook, I would say we should cook together and start by seeing what "looks cool" at the market, what's in-season and what the weather is like that day, and then going from there.