Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boring Me!

Well, I'm sitting here surfing along trying to catch up on the 2.2 million blogs I've bookmarked. It's tough but that's what some of us retirees do! So I'm checking out http://effortlesslyaverage.blogspot.com/ and he's got a test for "How Evil Are You?" Here's where to find the test: http://home.att.net/~slugbutter/evil/ Of course I had to take it! Well, here's the proof:

How evil are you?

Yep, I'm a pussy. Not evil at all. Except, of course, in the eyes of my step-children who I beat and molested at every turn. Hmmm, well, maybe not at every turn; most? LOL No, not really. Really I'm just a softy who longs for world peace and step children who don't require money after they are 30. LOL And a magic formula for losing weight without any effort. (NO laughing matter!)

Recently I figured out that I'd exercised twice this year and six times in December of last year. I was afraid to go back farther! Isn't that an awful statistic? I was appalled. When I was in the Army we learned an exercise routine called "The Daily Dozen". It wasn't considered good; just kind of minimalistic. Guess it is 20 years since I've done it. I'm working on getting back into it now that our exercise equipment is all in storage. At least I've tried 4 times in the last 8 days. Hope it does something!

Speaking of the house - we've countered an offer we received. It isn't what we wanted but we can live with it. Now we'll see if the other people can manage it. Please think good thoughts for us if you can. And regardless, be careful out there, it's dangerous!

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