Friday, August 01, 2008


We closed on the house yesterday. It was one of those closings that doesn't do much for your blood pressure but it did happen. The night before the closing, the purchaser started complaining (via his agent) about lint in the attic. I called him up and told him that if he wanted to use this as an excuse to not close it was fine with me. He decided to take care of the lint himself. Hell, it's been there since before we bought the house eight years ago. Our inspector found the dryer vent hose was broken and had spilled lint into the attic. They fixed the hose but didn't clean up.

Then at the closing, the first paper my wife was to sign had our last name mis-spelled in two places (MY name which is the same, was spelled correctly). So we all sat around for about 20 minutes while the title company rep corrected and re-printed all the paperwork. What an idiot! Nikki, I sure hope I never see you again.

So now we are living in our twenty-six foot travel trailer - with our dog and cat! It is so crowded that the dog can only turn around in the bedroom and under the dinette. We dumped stuff in here for later sorting; guess we'd better get busy! You can see for yourself here:

We are having second thoughts about the boat. Getting rid of it in a couple of years might be really difficult - that bothers me a lot. Then my wife is now saying that she used the boat idea to try to get me to leave Florida. It's crazy and manipulative but it does sound like her. We'll have to discuss that when we are more grounded. Right now we are just feeling too tired for sane discussion. But I'm thinking a new RV (larger!) is in our future.

Take it easy out there, it's dangerous!

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