Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yep, there is a place called Pahrump, Nevada. And we are there!

We've belonged to a camping club called Escapees. They cater mostly to people who live in their rvs full time. We are staying in one of their parks called Pair-A-Dice. Nevada humor, I think! Anyway, it's a nice spacious place in this little town. There are 4 or 5 casinos; 2 grocery stores & 2 hardware stores. Not a lot more.

It is out in the desert between two mountain ranges but is only about 60 miles from Las Vegas. We went to a casino for dinner last night; they all have a cafe and have almost driven everyone else out of business. That's sad.

Driving down here we came up over a rise and saw the road snaking out in front of us. I measured it as best as I could and the next time we were on a rise was 15 miles later. It's a big country. Not many people either. The photo is from our park looking at the mountain between us and Las Vegas.

Have fun but be careful!

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Lee said...

Looks nicer than it sounds!