Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've been right here!

Haven't posted, of course, but what else is new. We had friends visiting from last Friday until yesterday. These are really great people and we love them but we are used to being alone; having visitors in your house for five days is disconcerting.

We didn't do much: talking and eating would be the big things. Went into Vegas one day; they did sight-seeing and we visited a doctor that my wife will be seeing for her colonoscopy. Yep, we have to go over the hump for most specialists. But that's ok with us; we like the country ways of our little town.

I went to the doctor myself recently and again today to discuss the results of my tests. Turns out that I am alive; my blood seems to be circulating normally and I should live until I die. Actually, things are pretty good; there isn't anything wrong with me except this pinched nerve in my neck. Drugs will keep me semi-pain free for a while; we are hoping that some physical therapy will complete the trick. Cholesterol is a little high so I'm going to work on that - less red meat, more fiber, all that stuff. The bad news was that I have "extensive" degenerative changes in the bones in my neck apparently caused by osteoarthritis. Nothing life threatening; just something that's tough to repair. Then the doc says "Have you had your prostate exam lately?" - hmmm, next thing I know I'm bent over the table with my pants on the floor. Jeez, I sure wish she hadn't opted for those squared-off fake fingernails! (Actually she was very gentle but, yes, I could feel them!)

In better news: our town is having a big event next weekend. We haven't been here for it before but it sounds like a combination rodeo, county fair and craft show. It should be fun and I hope to have photos. Until then, be careful, it's dangerous out there!

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Croft said...

Aren't those prostate exams fun! As my doctor was doing mine he said, "This is no more fun for me than it is for you". Well, I sure hope it wasn't!