Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Traveling across Texas

22 Feb 2010
Headed to Houston. It was a pretty short day but full of drama. Well, at least for a minute. We were in Houston headed for the park. We were going along behind a woman in a mini-van; she was going a bit slow so I pulled out to pass her; there were four lanes and I moved into the third lane to pass. There was someone in the fourth and the mini-van was in the second. Suddenly we the guy in the first lane pulled in front of the mini-van; she thought about coming over into my lane but saw us at the last moment and jammed on her brakes. I was already on mine so we both slowed and let the idiot go ahead. We haven't been in such a tight spot in a long while.

Stayed in the Safari Mobile Home and RV Park; it's a PA park we we paid half price. It's a nice little place; back behind some kind of baseball practice place but close to the Johnson Space Center which we wanted to visit. The lady at the park told us we could get a coupon for half off admission to the Space Center at McDonalds so that kind of planned our next day.

23 Feb 2010
Went to McDonald's for breakfast and found our coupon. Entry into JSC is $20 so the coupon was saving us $10 each; not a bad deal! The breakfast was pretty good too. We also did a little checking around for our way out of Houston tomorrow.

The Space Center was pretty good. It was colder than hell riding around on the little tram but we really wanted to visit so managed it. Got to see Mission Control; the building where they house all the training modules and one of the original Saturn rockets. We'd seen the rocket before at Cape Canaveral but it was nice to have it explained by one of the guys who originally worked on them. Mission Control was great; just like it was way back when! The training modules were interesting but there wasn't anyone doing anything there so it was kind of boring.

We had lunch there; it was downright awful. They have a food court kind of thing that had 2 of 5 places open. We opted for a $8 chicken finger thing and a couple of $2 Cokes. Crap food at it's best. There were quite a number of foreign visitors; it's got to make an awful impression on people.

24 Feb 2010
Drove to San Antonio today. Short day but it's a good place to stop and sets up for easy days heading west. We are back in Stone Creek RV Park; it's PA so it's cheap and has free wifi included. What's not to like? We stopped in Schulenburg, Texas for lunch. There is a bbq place there that we really like. We've stopped there for years going back and forth on I-10. Express BBQ is our favorite but there are several and I imagine others would prefer them.

Landed here about 14:30; I did laundry while my wife cleaned the trailer. We both felt better when we got that done. Went to H.E.B. for some food - they have fresh tortilla's in their stores. Great! That's dinner. Got a some nice cheese and stuff as well. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day but we do celebrate our relationship on February 25th.

Now we have the goodies to enjoy tomorrow; whereever that is. Right now we are thinking it will be either Fort Stockton, TX or Pecos, TX. That's for tomorrow. Have a good one.

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