Sunday, May 23, 2010

Modification - sorry about that

I've just changed the blog so you have to do a word verification thing prior to commenting. I've been getting these comments in Chinese characters; I've no idea what they are saying or to whom but it's gonna stop. This is the first step; next we go to moderation if need be. Sorry to hassle the innocent but it's bugging me.

The market is bouncing around like the sick puppy it is. Wish I had some insight but all the news seems to be bad; can't expect the market to be happy. Hell, if BP could just cap that well in the Gulf I'll bet that would turn the market around. For now though, I don't see immediate return to the upside. Doesn't mean I'm going to sell everything; I'm just not a happy camper.

Going to hide my head in the sand and take our trailer over to Vegas for a couple days. Should get better wifi anyway! My ISP here is pretty low-tech. If I download something at 100Kb that's practically a record. We haven't seen many of the sights in Sin City so are looking forward to that. We also will be able to use a cab to get around and maybe have more than one drink; assuming we can afford it. Life in the fast lane, whoohoo! Gotta go load the trailer. Take care, y'all!

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive." R. L. Stevenson


Croft said...

Have fun in Vegas Don, it might be better odds than the market right now.

Another Blogger was getting those same comments and he ran one of them through Google Translator and found that it actually made sense. I have only had one of them and the characters had all been changed to a generic type so that would nor work. I don't understand why someone would read the Blog in English but comment in Chinese but what do I know.

If you stop at a BP station for gas, yell at the guy for me!

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

Looks like you still get some Chinese (and the comment makes sense to a point).

Enjoy Vegas - the heat should be cranking up now, so it may be a warm one. (My uncle and a bunch of cousins live in Vegas, so I get personal weather reports.)