Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not dead; nor is the dog!

I started this blog with the idea it would document our travels; turns out we haven't been traveling much.  However at this moment, we are.  Traveling that is!  With the dog who is actually much better.  True to our nature we've been on some back roads so the quality of the internet access has ranged from poor (here) to nil (most other places).  I'm developing a new way to judge the size of a town.  If TripAdvisor has only three or four comments on a restaurant, you know it's a small town. 

We are currently in Crescent City, CA checking out the local redwood trees.  I've never seen them so am enjoying the new experience.  These are coastal redwoods so are very tall; very impressive.  We both need our tree fix since Joshua trees aren't really all that tree-like. 

I'll submit a trip report with embarrassingly few photos when we get home in a few days.  This internet connection is making our home ISP look very good!  Hope you are having a good one.


Croft said...

Been there! beautiful part of the country. There are some nice seafood stores to pick up delicious little treats to cook in the rig. RV parks are notoriously small and all seem to be within a stone's throw of the railway tracks.

Have fun!

Croft said...

BTW, not being dead is always (well, usually) a good thing. For you, me and probably the dog as well if he could offer his opinion.