Thursday, July 12, 2012


Last night it didn't get lower that 89F (32C) here; that's pretty warm.  So when we heard on the LV station that 108F (42+C) was possible we thought it pretty normal.  However, we actually got rain here!  I'm guessing at least three-quarters of an inch (1.9 cm).  Here's a photo of our back patio; the rain is being blowing in from the east at least eight feet(2.4 m).  It only lasted 8 or 10 minutes but it was intense. 
 Ok, iin our home in Florida this was an almost every day occurrence in the wet season.  NOT SO MUCH here, though it is true that rain is often accompanied by some wind.  This was pretty fierce though!

It is very welcome though because we had our own little wildfire going up in the mountains this a.m. caused by some natural lightning.  (I'd offer a link but the local tv station seems beyond that.)  The estimate was that it was about 20 acres (8 hectares)  This rain should help fight the fire.  It was up in land that isn't accessible by truck so the firefighters have to either fight it using aircraft or being taken up there by aircraft or by hiking up there.  None is very fast or easy or cheap so having some rain to help things along is great. 

We are having a quiet day.  Had some cheese, sausage and bread for breakfast (ala our German friends) and talked about our forthcoming California trip.  Tonight there is a chicken in our future though I don't know it's form.  We often buy a chicken to bbq half and do something completely different with the other; the weird weather might force us to modify our behavior.  Gee!  Guess that's life.

Have a good one; regardless of the weather!

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JoeinVegas said...

That hot tub looks so lonely out there.