Sunday, March 03, 2013

A few more photos

Here are a few more photos I took during our week in San Diego; in no particular order! 

We visited Pacific Beach.  There is a pier that you can use to get out over the water.  Actually, there is a hotel with little cabins all along the pier.  You can 'sleep over the ocean' if you want.  For me the pier seemed a little creaky so when a car came along the boards definitely moved.  It is one of those 'you want a small car' places.  Anyway, there were some guys trying to surf even though there wasn't much of a wave.  This guy did better than most but fell soon after this photo.
Some years ago a guy did a statue of the famous photo of a sailor kissing a woman in New York on VJ Day.  A statue has been made of the kiss; it's entitled "Unconditional Surrender".  It was displayed in Sarasota and now it has been in San Diego for five years.  They may be losing it soon though; it is getting weathered and having a bronze version would cost a bunch.  Anyway, it was there last week!
Finally I've got a photo of our trailer in it's spot at the park.  We have a picture window in the back of the trailer so being backed in is ideal for watching the birds and all.  You can barely make out a light post right near the rear of the rig.  It was extremely bright!  Happily our sleeping quarters are in the front so were quite dark but it was llight in the living room even with the blinds closed.  There is a small walkway between the rigs and the bay but few people used it and they didn't bother us at all.

Of course we have more photos but I've been unable to pry my wife's photo out of her grasp.  Maybe I'll get them next week!  Until then, have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you got around town a bit. Looks like fun, and sunny!