Monday, May 20, 2013

Sharing videos....

No, I'm not going to inflict any of my own videos on you.  That would be rude.  However I have come across a couple of YouTube vids that I thought were pretty cool.  For example here are some kids making beautiful music with instruments you can hardly believe.  It's entitled "Landfillharmonic".

This shows people doing fantastic things all over the world.  Makes my life look pretty dull I must admit.

We have officially  switched over to the early summer walking schedule - getting out by 07:00 is working for now but later in the year we'll be moving it back a bit more.  Walking when it's 90F (32C) or greater isn't all that much fun!  Otherwise there isn't a lot happening chez us. 

Gotta go.  We are getting the cat his 'lion cut' today and have to go pick him up.  He should be pretty insulted for a day or two.  Have a good one.

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