Thursday, August 15, 2013

Still motoring...

We left Twin Falls, ID headed for the small town of Arco, about 100 miles (160km) away.  Arco has two things going for it I guess:  it was the first city (pop. 995 LOL) who's electric power was created using an atomic reactor; and Craters of the Moon National Monument.  The first is because there was an expermental reactor (EBR-1) built nearby.  The second is why we stopped here.  The rv park, Valley View RV Park was really quite nice with grassy sites, gravel roads and some nice trees.

Since it was only a trip of 100 miles, we unhooked the trailer and headed back to the Natl. Monument.  There is a 52 mile (80km) rift in the earth's crust under the park.  As recently as 2,000 years ago there was an eruption here and scientists expect there to be more at some time.  There is a 7 mile (11km) loop trail that you can drive with stops along the way to take little hikes.  You need to stay on the drive or the hiking trails because the lava is actually quite fragile.  It is really amazing how this material is rough in places, smooth in others, and almost sand-like in others.  Interesting stuff.  And there is a lot of it!  We took a couple of the shorter hikes but it was really a bit too warm for comfort.  In the winter they have snow sking and snowshoeing along the drive!  They have a small campground:  first-come, first served; with water, restrooms, charcoal grills and picnic tables but is mostly for very small rigs or tents. 

After checking out the park we went back to Arco for dinner.  It was so bad it was funny.  It is the first time in quite a while that we were over-charged and the place was covered in flys.  I've got to say, if you stay in Arco bring your own food!

You might wonder about the lack of photos in this travel blog.  Well, we were a little out of sorts or something while getting ready for this trip.  Your correspondent left his damn camera at home!  My wife has hers but hasn't downloaded any photos.  Maybe later!  We also left a few other things we usually carry; it was just too exciting I guess.

Leaving Arco behind we continued up US 93.  This is farming country thanks to irrigation on a large scale. They are growing corn, hay and oats that I could identify.  Haven't seen a potato yet and I think I'd know one.  Along much of the way we followed the Salmon River.  What a beautiful area!  The valleys are not as wide as farther south but very beautiful.  The stream is absolutely lovely.  My wife is the fisher-person in our family and I could see coming back here to spend some time just for the fishing.  Finally we left the Salmon and headed into Montana stopping for the night at the small town of Hamilton.  We stopped at a park called the Black Rabbit RV Park.  Foolishly I didn't ask about the name but I'm sure there is a story.  It was a nice little park but was all gravel, roads and sites.  Like most of the RV parks we've seen on this trip there is a large proportion of permenant residents.  We didn't stop there for any real reason; just because it was a moderate drive.  Again, this is farming country but on every side there is a little brown Natl. Park Service sign pointing to a fishing area or camping area. 

Wednesday morning we left Hamilton and headed for Colombia Falls, MT.  This will be our base for visiting Glacier NP.  The park we are staying at is Colombia Falls RV Park; a rather conventional name after the Black Rabbit.  It is rack-and-stack kind of place with long but rather narrow spaces and lots of them.  Not cheap and they have lots of rules.  But their high season is short and demand is high so you get what they give you.  Today we will make our first visit to the park and plan out the next few days visiting.  Until you are really on the ground it's tough to make detailed plans. 

Well, that's our travels for today.  Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you see a lot of interesting places, I'd like to travel the US - lots of things around

edlfrey said...

I stayed at Black Rabbit RV Park for a month last summer. The name of the Park comes from the many black rabbits that were residents of the Park when the current owners bought it.
I saw none in the Park when I was there but did see some across the street and slightly south also saw some a few blocks south on the west side of the street. Also saw an elk across the river near the bridge.