Sunday, January 05, 2014

Haven't blogged lately

Well, the short reason is that I don't have much to say!  Well, when did that ever stop me?  Yeah, I know.  Anyway, this time I'm just duller than usual. I have even resorted to taking photos of clouds!

Doesn't it look like a bunny?  I know it's lame but giive me a break, it's just after Christmas!

Anyway, we haven't been doing much; went into Vegas on a shopping expidition but how exciting is that?  Wanna see my new socks?  No, I'm just not going there! 

I got hooked lately on "Castle"; it's a show with Nathen Fillion and Stata Katic (a couple of Canadians, don't we have any actors in this country??)?  On the other hand, neither has been in drug rehab that I've heard  of lately! This is about a writer (named Castle, male) following around a detective (named Beckett, female) and the expected cop story plus romance evolves.  But the actors are good and the writing good so; I'm hooked.  I'm watching the older episodes on TNT which seems to be unable to put them in order so I watch a guy get killed in one episode then in the next episode he's giving Castle some grief for shadowing the cop.  Grrrr! 

Lately I went through a bunch of old backups copying stuff to my hard drive.  This is from when I was backing up to a CD holding 650 MB.  Well, we were a lot thinner back then but we also were having some fun!  No, I'm not going to be explicit; you'll just have to imagine it.  Here, from our town of Ijsselstein.
It's just a little Dutch commuter town but it was home to us for two years and will remain one of our hame towns forever.  I'm looking forward to returning as a tourist; hopefully next year.

Gotta go.  Hope you and yours have a great 2014.  Take care.

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