Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More travel

My last post ended up with us visiting friends in Colorado Springs.  I'm not sharing any photos for two reasons:  privacy AND I was too dumb to take any!  Grrrr!  Haven't seen those folks in three years and then to not take any photos is practically criminal. 

Well, enough whining.  We left Colorado Springs and headed south in I-25 ending up in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe in a nice town.  The park we stayed in was in town on a main street so the bus was just outside the gate.  Seniors get to ride all day for $1 - $2 for you younger folks.  It was a great deal since parking isn't real plentiful.  The name of the system is Santa Fe Trails.  Here is the bus stop sign.

Pretty cool huh.  Until you look closer!
Whoever cast this concrete was having a little trouble with spelling!  They had the E first and had to fill in the bottom bar then chisel out a part for the F that needed to be an E.  LOL  What a hoot.  I can't spell to save my ass but I'm pretty sure I could get FE right. 

Once in town we enjoyed some of the museums and art galleries.  We didn't buy anything; they seemed to have a really good stock of $8-10,000 paintings.  Oddly, I didn't value them at quite that.  We also visited the cathedral and the Loretto Chapel.  The Chapel is fairly small but is known for a spiral staircase that has no visible means of support.  Here's a photo of the staircase.

The only disturbing thing is that we were charged $3 each entry fee to visit the Chapel.  Visiting the Cathedral was free.  What a rip-off.  So that's my $6 photo-of-the-day. 

While in Santa Fe we made a day trip to Taos.  It seemed to me to be another town full of galleries looking for customers.  We did actually buy a small vase but that was it ($25).  The high spot of the day for me was the views of the Rio Grande River and it's canyon.  I didn't take any photo of the canyon worth sharing but we did see this guy and his dog enjoying a day on the river!

That gets us through Santa Fe and Taos.  We have one more really great place to visit but I'll  leave that for another day.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Croft Randle said...

Beautiful country through there. We were in Taos a couple of years ago and Norma had her eye on a Navajo rug that I would have had to sell the motorhome to afford. I managed to talk her out of it.