Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A sad trip

While we were on our Florida trip my wife's step-father became ill with pneumonia.  He was a great male roll model for my wife when she was younger.  Shortly after we returned home he was allowed to leave the hospital and return to his own home.  Hospice care was suggested and my wife decided she needed to make one last visit to this fine man.  We chose to drive knowing that there was a good chance we wouldn't be in time.  And we weren't.  He passed away quietly in his home with his wife and children nearby.  It is what he wanted.

So we spent two and a half days driving up to Washington state; three days visiting with family and another two and a half days driving home.  2,489 miles but it was certainly the right thing to have done.  We could have flown, of course, but I think the long miles helped us to deal with the loss.  Sitting on a plane just isn't the same.

RIP, Hank.

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Croft said...

So sorry Don, loss is never easy!