Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy 4th USA

Happy Monday to the rest of you.  I've got to admit that I'm grumpy again.  First, and mostly, look at the Presidential race.  Then check out Brexit.  Ok, granted that I'm an old white guy and things have been going pretty well for guys like me HOWEVER things are getting AFU in a hurry and it won't be just for guys like me.  I mean I think there is at least some argument that both of the 'presumptive' candidates for president should be looking at jail time.  And, if things weren't interesting enough, "Great Britain" is flopping around like a harpooned whale trying to turn itself into one of the least important nations in the world rather than the reasonably respected leader it has been for like 300 years.  Frosting on my cake is the news that Texas actually has citizens who would like to secede from the union.  I mean I don't like driving the 900 miles through Texas listening to my wife bitch every inch of the way about how ugly it all is but having to pack my passport would just make it that much more special. 

I mean, WTF!  Bah, humbug.  I need to write about the weather.  It's for my blood pressure.  Really.  Of course, being July in Nevada, it's hot.  We've been over 100F (38C) for like the last three weeks or so.  Happily someone invented air conditioning some time ago and ours works pretty reliably.  Actually just good insulation helps a lot.  Our garage seldom gets over 85F (30C) which isn't that bad.  One good thing is that some car dealer in Vegas donates $100 to charity for every day over 100F so at least someone is gaining.

When we lived in the Netherlands we enjoyed the public service commercials around New Years telling people to be careful with fireworks.  Well, yesterday I saw the US version.  I certainly hope it reaches a kid or two or maybe even an adult!  Some guy who is playing in the NFL (US football) was showing off his right hand.  He's got a stub of a thumb and is missing at least one finger from a fireworks accident.  Do people learn?  Oh shit, they vote too!

We try to walk every morning.  Yesterday morning we were on our usual walk and some guy comes out of his yard apparently doing the same thing.  Only he was wearing a gun on his belt.  Ok, I'm a gun owner.  My wife and I had concealed carry permits for maybe 20 years.  Did we every actually carry a weapon, hell no!  But we liked exercising our right to do so.  But really?  It's like 06:00 and in our 2+ mile walk we seldom see more than one car and maybe two people.  It is neither some dangerous inner city or the wild, wild west.  And this asshole is carrying his gun?  Did I mention I was grumpy?  Granted there are dogs along our route who bark at us but in 8 years I think we've only seen one dog that wasn't fenced in.  We've seen more coyotes.

Anyway, Happy 4th of July USA.  I'm know we'll live through all this crap but I'd really like it to be a good experience rather than that other kind.  Have a good one and thanks for dropping by.

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