Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good Heavens!

Is anyone else distressed at all the security BS we have these days?  I have different passwords for practically every site I visit.  It turns out I have over 300 separate passwords.  And that's just online security.  Air travel is worse!  When in Australia I lost my nail scissors to a security person.  The blades were well over 1 cm long but really?  (Not nearly an inch!)  In another place they alerted on my wife's folding umbrella!   Jeez! 

This morning I thought I'd blog something just because it's been so long.  Well, I screwed up my Blogger password and thought I'd never get in.  They sent me an email with a top secret code - when I input it I still wasn't allowed in.  Grrr!  Finally I went back to that list of passwords and figured out what I'd done wrong.  It's just silly.

One of the reasons I've been so quiet is that I've had a few medical and dental issues lately.  Every time I go to have blood drawn or visit the doctor they ask my birth date.  I constantly wonder what they do when they have someone with a memory disorder.  My mother certainly wasn't able to remember her birth date near the end of her life.  Now, she was in a nursing home so I'm sure the question didn't come up but there are plenty of older people not in homes.  Maybe they just don't get care.  Who knows.

The Republican congress seems to have taken a breather on repealing Obamacare and I am certainly happy about that.  Our daughter has an excellent job and is very well paid but it is with a smaller company and they have no health care.  Obamacare is all there is for her.  It is definitely flawed and I'd love to see it modified but not just removed.  Along the same lines, I have Medicare (over 65 years of age).  Medicare is reasonably good; so good that I wish our lawmakers had to use it.  I'll bet it would get better in a hurry!

One of the things missing from Medicare is dental care.  That one is biting me (sorry!) right now.  I went to have a tooth looked at and was told I needed a root canal.  Well, that was $1000 - discounted because I have no insurance.  Then I had another root canal that turned out to be too far gone to save - that one was only $600 since they couldn't fix the problem.  Of course, since it was dead I needed an extraction - $650.  Then I get back to the regular dentist!  All this work and my local dentist doesn't get any of it.  At least she can do fillings.  No, I'm not going to Mexico.  I see that as just another form of outsourcing.

As you may have been noticing, I really don't have much to say today.  I'm a firm believer that's a really good reason for not saying anything.  Sorry!  At least I can share a photo of our local hawk.  He always gets the bird bath all to himself/herself.  Thanks for stopping by!

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