Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

No, just kidding.  I'm way too dull to gave much of a rap about Halloween.  I'm not religious enough to recall the religious end of it and I never got all hot and bothered about costumes so no.  Also I was brought up living out in the country with older parents who weren't going to drive me all over to collect candy so I don't even have childhood memories of the day.  However, it does seem to be an appropriate time to talk about this wonderful land, the U. S. of A. 

Ghosts and Gobblins Unite!  Doesn't it kind of feel like that these days?  We have the Twitter in Chief in this country; the nuclear holocost guy over in N. K.  We have the whole football player thing:  you need a scorecard to keep track of all the sides of that one.  Things are so crappy that there was hardly any news from people who want to ban guns after the Las Vegas shooting.  The Brits are exiting the EU even though some of the voters seem to have thought the whole thing was a joke.  The Catalonian's seem to be trying to break up Spain.  I haven't heard anything about Quebec wanting to leave Canada but that could be just because our US centric media can't find the electrons to spare.  (I typically check the BBC if I want to know about things going on outside the US and for some reason the CBC doesn't work well on my computer.) 

I'd like to think that as I'm growing older, maybe I just worry more but I don't really buy that.  For one thing my age still begins with a '6' and besides I've never really been a worrier.  Of course we used to have Presidents who acted, well, like leaders rather than acting like bad tempered children.  As I've recounted, we have been visiting Presidential museums.  My wife doesn't want to go see Tricky Dick's.  (I mean the original; not that guy who couldn't keep it in his pants.  We did go there.)  I'm thinking I want to see it; at least he opened up relations with China.  Even should he not be impeached, I'm looking forward to Trump's.  Of course it will be in some Trump Tower and you'll have to pay a Trump-sized fee to get in but still.  Imagine all the 'fake news' he will have to ignore.

And speaking of impeachment, having Mr. Pence be next in line does not fill me with glee either.  I remember reading about how the people of Indiana were thrilled to be rid of him.  Maybe I like Trump better after all?  Well, jeez, it's a tough question.  I guess I'll have to see how this whole investigation of Manafort et al turns out.  Listening to either or both of these idiots for another 3 years will be enough punishment; God forbid 7 years. 

Sorry about the rant.  This world just gets too much sometimes.  Thanks for stopping by.

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