Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Stopped moving for a while

Well, it's two months since we got back from our cruise and we are thinking about traveling again but not for a bit!  We ran into a neighbor the other day who we don't see often.  He said he and his wife just got back from a 60 day cruise!  OMG!  That's three times the length of our cruise and we thought that was too long.  I can't imagine two entire months.

Christmas was just the usual low-key stuff and New Year's was even quieter.  We don't even celebrate the Super Bowl!  Un-American, yeah, I know.  We do watch the Super Bowl commercials but this year even they were kind of dull.  (I have heard from others that the game was, likewise, dull.)

I keep looking at the news and all I see is that idiot President making a fool of himself time and again.  Jeez!  The 'good' news is that he is still alive and Pence isn't President.  Where we live is definitely Republican-ville.  My wife and I even joined the party just so we can have a vote on who is going to represent us locally.  Often there isn't anyone running except a couple Republicans so then whoever wins the primary is automatically elected.  This way we at least get to vote in the primary for the lesser evil.

I'm on a board that is supposed to give 'the community's view' of what is happening out at the old nuclear test facility.  We meet six times a year and make recommendations about how various cleanup tasks should be handled.  It's awfully stupid but I get a laugh out of it from time to time.  One of the 'problems' was concerning a bunker that had some stains on the concrete floor that contained PCBs which are toxic chemicals.  These stains had been there for a LONG while and the discussion was whether to demolish the bunker and dispose of the pieces OR to simply lock the door and leave it in place.  Now keep in mind that this bunker is on federal land where people are not allowed.  They have armed guards at all the entrances and when you visit you travel in a bus with a guide.  There is no way anyone would visit this bunker accidentally.  So, the big decision is whether to spend thousands breaking up this thing and trucking the pieces around or $10 for a padlock.  Really?  And some of the idiots on the board seemed to seriously consider breaking the thing up!

It's been chilly around here lately.  At least it means the mountain gets snow. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good one!

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