Saturday, September 24, 2005

More fun; no really!

Just before we left on our trip to Iowa the guys came to start the refinishing of our pool and deck. After a few years the old marsite pool finish was dying and we've hated the deck surface since we bought the house. Anyway, they said it would take the best part of the week to get the old deck surface off so we thought why not let them do it while we were gone. Well, it worked just fine.

Except that they didn't get it off! They were still working on it 9 calendar days after they started. The tile guys did come and put in part of the tile. Except that they put in the wrong tile and had to take it off again! Now they have replaced the cap tile and the deck guys have about half of the deck base coated. This is in the two weeks that we were quoted for the entire job. No one has touched the pool except to knock off some loose stuff. Hmmm. Wifie is getting aggrevated. Personally, I never believe a timeline given me by a salesman. Hah! I've been there; I've done that. Project estimates are always optimistic. These guys at least can claim that the weather on the edge of Hurricane Rita is slowing them down. And it's probably true. Anyway, if we get a properly completed pool in another two weeks, I'll be happy.

Today we went down to see the MIL. She got a new Medicade funded electric wheel chair today. She doesn't creak around very well any more and needs oxygen all the time and, well, you get the idea. Anyway, our government just paid over $4 grand for the wheelchair. It's great fun to drive; we all had a turn. Now if the MIL can just use it without pitching herself out onto the street in front of a car!

Tomorrow our daughter is coming over with her cat. She is off on a business trip and somehow we came to be the cat sitters. The fact that we've only seen this cat once in it's entire life is apparently irrelevent. And it has all it's claws. And it is 'frisky'. And - you know, I'm getting really negative here so I'll stop. I'm sure you'll hear more about the cat later.

Have a good one!

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