Monday, October 03, 2005

Another day

Turned 57 yesterday. Not much of a milestone but they can't all be great. Anyway, this one really turned out great. My wife, Judie, got me a Canon PowerShot S2! A great gift; just what I wanted. Now I have to read all 100 pages of the instruction manual to figure the thing out. (Yes, I really am male and, yes, I'm reading the manual. Yeah, I know it's hard to believe.) Anyway, I'm looking forward to more photographic adventures.

We had 2 couples over for dinner; both brought me booze. Must be my reputation. Anyway we had a good time. Everyone got a little sloshed and went home early; today being Monday.

Daughter is coming for her cat. The cat has been a real pleasure unlike my fears. It has hidden under a bed for most of it's visit but when you go in and play with it it's great. Very friendly and trusting. Nothing at all like her last cat which would walk across the room specifically to hit you with her claws. Guess we will have more cat sitting jobs in the future.

A quiet day; and we need a few after the last month. Wishing the same to all!

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