Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Report

Well, Happy Late Thanksgiving to all. We had a very good one and hope everyone else did as well.

Daughter and her friend (male) brought the MIL. It must have been lots of fun: 3 people (him pretty large), wheelchair, 2 large oxygen bottles and a small bottle, some garlic dip, etc. all in a Ford Escort. We were waiting, all prepared with at least 2 minutes to spare! Yes, procrastination, thy name is Don.

Anyway, the MIL was installed in her wheelchair next to the table with the goodies and we talked a bit while waiting for Mr. Turkey to come out of the oven. Finally, he came out, the last minute things were prepared, I carved and we ate. Everything was pretty traditional and good. Most years my wife likes to try out some new recipe but this year I managed to get her to go simple. It was a very good choice and everything was delicious. Hopefully THAT is the start of a tradition! The wine was better than we expected and the male friend offered a toast to our daughter honoring her professional achievements in the last year. This guy isn't always that nice to the daughter so this was an excellent surprise. The MIL was really tired by the time we finished dinner so the whole lot loaded back into the Escort and went home by 16:00.

That gave us time to finish the open wine and call the appropriate relatives. Very, very nice. Once again, hope everyone had a great one!

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