Sunday, November 20, 2005


Had a good weekend. Some relatives who have an acreage keep our trailer on their property. This weekend they needed to take down a tree that had died. The problem was that when it came down, it needed to be across the road in front of their house. The good news is that it is a very quiet road but still it needed to be cleared as quickly as possible. So, we volunteered to help clean up the mess.

We went up on Friday afternoon, got set up in the trailer and took them out to dinner. Saturday morning the guy, my wife and myself went out to bring down the tree. His wife ACTUALLY went shopping! Couldn't believe it but there it was. Outside = his problem. Well, actually, it doesn't bother me since they seem to have a good relationship. It isn't what I want but what the hell: different drummers and all that.

We got the tree down and cleared in about three hours. He cut the tree down then removed limbs. I spent the entire time picking up limbs and carting them to the burn pile. My wife worked as hard as anyone. She used our electric chain saw to remove limbs part of the time and dragged limbs to the burn pile when she wanted a break. She was very proud of her work as was I. Here is this mid-50's woman, an ex-middle manager in a technical field, working as hard as any field hand. She did great.

We slept well that night! And came home today after a leisurely breakfast. What's not to like! Well, no nookie, but I don't need to set up a counter either. ;)

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