Monday, January 16, 2006

A New Era

A new era in our lives began today at about 14:45 EST. My mother in law, one of the reasons we moved here, died. She died while we were visiting her along with her last surviving sister and one of the sister's children. The people at the home were just great; the LPN had only been there as an LPN for 4 months as was nearly as affected as we. Anyway, now we have no reason not to move on. Whether we sell this house or stay; whether we travel the US or not; whether we move to Europe or not: now we have only children and cousins to consider and, while they are important, we don't feel the need to stay here for them.

I read of a healing mantra that one could say on New Year's Eve in which one forgave all of one's enemies. I am happy to say that I couldn't think of a single person that I was so angry with that I felt the need to exercise the mantra. I am not sure why this is so; perhaps it is a result of a retirement in which I feel no need to associate with persons who make me angry. More likely it is a result of a temporary lull in relations with people. Whatever, I am thankful for it and wish that everyone may find themselves in this happy state on the next New Year's Eve. If not, I hope you may try the mantra, or something similiar, and forgive and forget the wrongs you have been done. In any event, Happy New Year!


Cinnamon said...

Oh, Don I am so sorry. What a lot for your family to go through in the past year, losing two parents. Athiest or not, my prayers are with you.

But you guys are thinking of moving on - that should be something fresh and new and interesting. Considering a travel blog, perhaps? So the rest of us can live vicariously through your adventures?

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