Saturday, April 15, 2006


As those who have time to read this drivel know, there have been a lot of changes lately in my life. Now my dreams are all filled with change. I go into my office but the furniture is all gone, the walls are bare but I know I have a place somewhere; I just have to find it. Or in another one I'm in my old high school with all my high school friends and I have to go to class but don't know where it is. Or just last night I was helping a friend try to make a career decision; whether to be a specialist or a generalist. Funny how our dreams are sometimes totally off the wall and other times so perfectly reflective of the times of our lives. This is certainly the latter. I'm not being chased or fighting or falling, it's just all about change.

On another note, I'm hoping that Cinn (at Dead on the Gearshift) has a good result when she takes her Kidlet in to see the doctor. Kidlet has so many problems already, she sure doesn't need surgery on top of it all. Hopefully the test lied and Kidlet is just fine; like so many of us, a little crazy but fine. Our thoughts and hopes are with you both.

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Cinnamon said...

Thanks Don, it's very appreciated. We go on Tuesday afternoon. I'll update what I find out (if they can tell me, that is) that night.

Otherwise, when I know something, you all will know as soon as I do. I appreciate all of the positive energy being sent her way.