Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Bionic Man.....

It's official. Yesterday at approximately 14:00 local time I got my second bionic part; another lens implant. As soon as I got the first it started being apparent that I really did need to have the other eye done. I could see reasonably well out of the new lens in my right eye but the left was going downhill fast. So let's spend another $2300 worth of the insurance company's money!

It's been 24 hours so I'm just hanging around getting eye drops every 4 hours. The new lens does make quite a difference though; in a couple of weeks it should be great. I have distance vision in both eyes so I'll be using glasses for the rest of my life but what the heck. I've been needing them anyway.

My doctor is kind of an interesting guy. He, his father and his sister own the "Ironman" franchise. Every time you see an Ironman race or watch or shoe; they are getting some tiny part of it. He is a competitor himself; very physically fit but taller than you might imagine. It's an interesting sideline for opthomologists (his father is one as well).

I see that The Grumpy Old Bookman is going to give up on his blog for a while. ( I'm going to miss reading it but to paraphrase him, life has more important things in it than blogging. I am very thankful for all the work that some people do to keep us lurkers happy. Thanks to you all.

As always, take care out there!


Mark said...

Congrats on your new lens. As a sci-fi geek i find that kind of thing quite cool ;-)

Don said...

Hey, thanks for reading Mark.

Let me tell you, it's still a pain in the ass! My eyes have never been exceptionally good but they used to be better than this man-made stuff. My choice though is getting by with pretty bad natural eye lens or replacing my eye's lens with plastic that gives me pretty good vision. So this sounds ok. Guess it's one of the unexpected "benefits" of growing older.