Saturday, December 06, 2008

Am I dull or what!

My blogging is getting even duller than when I don't blog! All we are doing is working on this house thing. Yesterday we spent half the day looking at furniture and appliances. It's interesting to my wife who has definite opinions on what features she wants; for me it is torture. Take a clothes washer: I do probably 75% of the laundry in our house. I always use the same settings, the same detergent, etc. I dump everything in the tub and turn it on. However, she is the one who wants the 6 speed washer with eighteen settings and automatic dispensing of every thing you can put into your laundry. She's even joined Consumer Reports to see how they rate the various machines. Guess that's the difference between Mars and Venus.

Just for fun, here's a picture of the house that I keep going on about. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath on one acre. Pretty typical of the upper scale home in this area. Nothing too fancy but nice enough. (Sorry about the dog butt in the foreground but she was enjoying sniffing her new yard.) Have a good one!

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Lee said...

Looks nice, as houses go. Likewise the dog butt. I am more impressed with the acre. We are on a quarter acre and would love a little more.