Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nice day - good food

We are having a bit of a break in the weather today; it's nice! The rest of the week is supposed to be rainy or at least breezy and cloudy. Not that it is like the midwest or northeast where it is really nasty. The winter here just isn't going to be really awful. Heard on the tv this morning that the record is for nine inches of snow in Vegas. That's just a dusting to someplace like Buffalo, NY.

Enough of the weather, I'm off doing laundry this a.m. One of the things about living in a trailer is that you don't have room for lots of clothes so..... I get this opportunity quite often. The upside is that the internet is usually slightly better here. Not today, of course! That means that I can't upload a photo of the snowy mountains. It's interesting looking at the snow/rock formations. There must be some pretty amazing cliffs and valleys up there; I'm hoping to check them out next spring: too cold now; too hot in the summer.

Had fun cooking last night. Made charcroute garni - or at least my version of it! Yum! We didn't have any carraway seeds so that was missing. Also we usually end up with way too much sauerkraut so I don't put as much in as most recipes want. However we did have smoked pork chops which are an improvement over the unsmoked variety that I usually use. I was looking on the web for recipes and found one of Emeril Legasse's. I love his show but he is always SO over the top that I could never actually follow one of his recipes. In this case he had three different sausages that probably aren't even available in the US. Honestly, have you ever seen blood sausage here? But I knew right off the bat that I wouldn't be cooking his way when he started out with a gallon of water! Still, it's fun to watch and the guy does just keep being amazing.

Keep up the good work & stay out of trouble.

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Stay out of trouble?? Spoil sport!