Monday, March 15, 2010

Kinda normal stuff

Got the trailer back the other day; the dealer is waiting to get the new flooring so doesn't want our trailer sitting there for weeks on end.  I can sympathize so brought it back.  Was lucky and it was a nice day; not too windy and no snow.  

It's pretty different hooking up by one's self.  Almost makes you want a motorhome!  LOL  Well, it really wasn't that tough.  From the time the guy got the trailer out where I could hook up until the time I left the lot was only 20 minutes; and that included me having to get him to raise the hitch.  Let me explain.  The trailer hitch has a motor to lift it but the leg isn't long enough to raise it to the height of the hitch ball unless it is supported by several inches of wood (one of the disadvantages of having a 4x4).  The guy put 4 layers of 2x4 under the leg but it wasn't quite enough; the tow ball hit the hitch rather than going under it.  So he came out again and raised the hitch with his tractor and added another layer of 2x4.  Backed up and got hooked up.  It really wasn't that tough; makes me wonder why my wife has such a problem backing me up but I guess that's another post! 

Now we are preparing for a visit from my wife's birth mother & her husband.  He's a fabulous guy; she's a ticking bomb; sometimes she's fine, sometimes she goes off on you.  I'm sure most people know someone like that.  Anyway, we are cleaning up things and getting prepared.  The husband has diabetes (and other health problems) so we want to be careful about what we serve.  We are still planning on corned beef & cabbage on St. Paddy's Day - not Catholic or even christian but we know a good meal when we hear it.

Hope things are good for you!

"You will be safest in the middle."  Ovid

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Dan said...

For a good time, ask your wife to backup the vehicle and trailer. The concept of reverse steering seems to escape mine entirely.

(After that time she took took the trailer with 12 canoes on it camping with the scouts, she won't even pull it forward. The mountains and the the narrow twisty roads just didn't agree with her.)