Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Off to Las Vegas

I'm headed to the big city today for some shopping.  In Pahrump if Walmart doesn't carry it, you don't need it.  That's just not our lifestyle.  I was astounded when we first moved here that I'd be in a store looking for something and if they didn't have it they would send me to Walmart.  I worked in retail and sending a customer to Walmart would be really low on my list of suggestions. 

Here is a photo we took at the Escapee's park in Sumerlin, OR.  We were in the club house looking at the books and saw this out the window.  Fortunately my wife had her cell phone (with camera).  It seems the leaves on the tree were tasty but when she got an apple; that was special!

Have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

No problems like that in my yard.