Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exciting Times

Yesterday was the first day of my temporary bachelorhood.  I took my wife into Las Vegas, picked up our daughter and put them on a plane for San Diego.  In San Diego they got on a cruise ship and are now headed for Cabo San Lucas.  Our daughter has never cruised and wanted company and my wife was just inebriated enough to say 'yes'.  LOL  I certainly hope they have a good time.  My wife called while they were still tied to the dock; they were sitting on the fantail with the 'cocktail of the day'.  Turns out it was some sweet thing that neither enjoyed; at $7.50 each!  The cruise line has some pretty high charges for both internet access and phone usage so they are pretty much out of my life until they return next Wednesday.

I celebrated my new 'freedom' by taking the car in for it's first service and a trip to Sam's club.  How's that for life in the fast lane?  Had some leftover cajun roast for dinner and watched a couple of movies.  Ain't I just the wild and crazy one.  Just so you know where my head is:  I'm already planning today's dinner.  I've got some chicken thighs out of the freezer and am planning kabobs over the real charcoal grill.  I'm going to learn how that thing works if it kills me.

Woke this morning to 54F (12C) outside and 64F (17C) inside.  Brrrr.  Now I'm waiting for the sun to come up so I can walk the dog.  I'm hoping we'll get some fall but we might be headed for winter.  It looks like there is snow on Mt. Charleston but that could be just wishful thinking.  Wanted to share this photo of the sunset I took a couple of nights ago; sorry but I just can't stop myself from taking sunset photos.  This unsettled weather is making for some lovely evenings.  Have a good one!

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