Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a cook!

I actually succeeded using that charcoal grill to do my kabobs.  Hurray!  Finally it worked.  The first chimney of charcoal didn't take but I just re-fired it and things went well.  I cooked them a little longer than needed perhaps but the fire was relatively mild so it went well. 

I found a lovely rosemary-ranch marinade I wanted to use but we didn't have any ranch dressing.  SO I dumped a bunch of Italian dressing in to marinate the chicken since we had 3, count them 3, partial bottles of that.  It actually turned out pretty good.  I used green pepper and mushroom on 2 of the kabobs and let the other two just be chicken.  Forgot the onion entirely but it was still ok.  Skipped the rice & just did a simple salad - yep, more Italian.  Thought anything else would just confuse me. 

This morning I took the walk (alone) that I usually take with my wife before breakfast.  It's an overcast day but I was warm by the time I got home.  I'm thinking I walk a little faster when I'm alone.  Found a couple of lovely rocks for lining the driveway.  At this rate we should be done in a couple of weeks.  I can't stop wondering how long those rocks have lay out in the desert.  Maybe not long; they used to grow a lot of cotton in this valley and there aren't any trees or large bushes established in our area.  Maybe some farmer plowed them up just 50 or 60 years ago or maybe they have been in that spot for a thousand years.  Who knows.  (I do find the weirdest things to obsess over!)

So I had two small kabobs of chicken left over and used them for breakfast this morning.  Used the chicken, more mushroom, green pepper, green onion & egg-beaters to make a little breakfast dish.  Very nice.  I'm impressing myself; not only was the original dish nice but I've got the leftover's used up already!  Now THAT is amazing. 

Haven't decided on dinner tonight but I'm thinking either pasta or rice.  My wife has been doing a modified Atkins diet for the past couple months and I'm low on my carb count.  Gotta go check out Epicurious.  Have a good one.

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JoeinVegas said...

All alone? Sounds like you are doing OK anyway.
Perhaps I can interest you in model trains? we're having a bbq at my place in a few weeks, talk you into playing with us.