Friday, August 12, 2011

Innocent until proven guilty

The local paper has a story about some guy who has been charged with growing pot.  It's tough to get a job in the valley these days; apparently there are alternatives!  It's nice to hear about entrepreneurs in any field.  When we were in Colorado the papers were full of stories about cracking down on medical marijuana growers.  Apparently they weren't keeping good records about how much they grew and to whom they sold it.  The authorities suspect that maybe some was reaching an illegal market.  Hmmmm.

I would like it if we just did away with all drug laws for adults.  Clearly society has a responsibility to look out for children but if an adult wants to do virtually ANY drug; it's fine with me.  Do meth for a couple years and you won't have any teeth and then maybe things get bad.  But, you know, I've never tried it; don't want to.  The folks who DO want it can find it.  Why not just legalize it and tax it.  Companies would provide clean, probably cheap, product of known consistent quality.  The user would have a better experience.  The drug cartels of South & Central America would be out of business.  The drug gangs in the U.S. would be out of business.  Hell, even the lawyers, jail keepers and police would have to find something to fill their empty hours.   Nah, we can't do that, it almost makes sense.

Speaking of making sense:  Yahoo's sports page had a link to the Mark Cuban blog post that I quoted the other day.  They are giving him credit for warning about the stock market collapse; I read it that what was happening in Wall Street is uncontrolled and needs new rules, simpler rules to draw lines between investing vs trading.  He did say that what is going on now will lead us to a crisis.  He also said Australia has better rules; well, we can't learn from anyone else!  That's un-American!

Off to dinner this evening.  Last time the food was pretty awful.  Wish us luck!


JoeinVegas said...

Yup, the laws outlawing drugs just seem to hark back to prohibition, where someone imposes their beliefs on everyone else. It does nothing but fund the cartels and makes criminals of the common person. I've read where half the prison population in the US are there for minor drug use, which makes it quite a burden on the rest of us.

Ed said...

I would not only make it legal but ALL drugs would be FREE to any adult user. The price if taxes were included would be more than the user is paying now.

That way the user would not need to rob and steal to support their habit. If their habit became such that they are incapable of working, not just the passing of a drug test, then they go on SSI and Food Stamps or maybe a government run addicts 'home'.

This would be cheaper than the cost of enforcement now as you point out and it would cut down on other crime as well.

A win-win for everyone!