Monday, August 01, 2011


We DID actually go to Las Vegas today; and we weren't looking at bakeware either!  My wife has decided she needs some new clothes.  Ok, maybe that's not a shock to some guys but you don't know my wife.  For the last ten years she's been wearing tops she buys at Sam's Club; jeans and shorts.  It would surprise me if her clothing budget was $100 a year!  Even I go through more clothes than she does.

Anyway, we went to Town Square Mall.  It's just off the strip south of the  Mandalay Bay resort.  I was a little surprised because Town Square is quite a change from Sam's Club!  It's an open air mall so you have to look out for cars while strolling!  They even have misters going to cut the heat a bit.  (Misters spray water up in the air; they reduce the perceived heat by 15 or 20F (6-7C) - but it's got to be a tremendous waste of water here in the desert!!!)  In the end we spent about three hours wandering from store to store.  Turns out the only thing we bought was a book from Borders!  But we had a lot of fun and learned about a few new options for my wife's new look. 

Let me tell you, this shopping is a lot like work!  We left around 10 a.m.; got home 16:30.  We are both ready to spend some quality time in relaxing.  But I decided a small blog post would be appropriate.  What got me on it was - it's her tenth anniversary as a blogger.  Congratulations!  I found it hard to believe I've been doing this - off and on - for almost seven years.  Amazing!

Gotta go cook.  Tired feet are not the only result of shopping!  Have a good one.


JoeinVegas said...

Went for clothes and all you got was a book? What happened to all of the new outfits?

Dan said...

I avoid shopping at all costs. Even painting the exterior of the house is easier!