Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trip Report - San Diego

I've got a minor report on our trip to San Diego.  We towed the trailer 671 miles(1080km).  Drove a total of 833 miles (1340km).  Spend $242 on fuel getting an average of 10.8 mpg (21.7 liters/100km).  I'm kind of surprised at how low the mileage since we had about 160 miles (260km) of non-tow miles.  I suppose going over the Cajon Pass didn't help mileage.  It is also true that traffic in San Diego is pretty fast and I was definitely keeping up with the Joneses!  LOL

I'm trying to get back into a regular work-out mode.  Damn, it's tough!  I used to work out daily, strength training that is, only for 15 minutes or so but daily.  I've fallen off that wagon though and need to get back on it.  I need to include more stretching as well.  Getting older is tough enough but losing muscle mass and flexibility in addition is just a recipe for discomfort.  I already notice problems with movement that just shouldn't be there.  The walking we regularly do is great but it's not enough. 

Ok, I'm going to go work out.  Have a good one!

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Dan said...

I resemble that remark! Thanks for keep up with me - you don't know how important that is. {*grin*}