Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying to invest

I spent most of today looking at investing options.  I make most of our investing decisions and rely on various sources for ideas.  One of the sources is RandomRoger; he's pretty definite that the U.S. is facing some financial headwinds that maybe other countries might be avoiding so he likes investing outside the U.S.  I'm pretty much convinced that he's right about our headwind problem so I look elsewhere as well.  It's just that it's a heck of a lot of work!  LOL

Looking at individual companies in this country is easy; when it is overseas it gets more difficult fast.  So I turn to ETF products that are focused on either the area or the industry that is of interest.  You know, there is still a world of choices out there.  Anyway, my head is spinning from all this stuff.  So I'm taking a day off.  You know 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' - well, I'm going to Vegas!  The hell with it.

Actually, it's just another normal shopping trip that will include dinner with our daughter.  She's cooking!!!  This woman (she's 40 for heavens sake, can't call her a girl) has NEVER made us a meal.  She's done lots of salads and stuff but to actually cook a meal; nope.  Should be interesting.  "Food TV", "The Cooking Channel" and all the rest have a lot to answer for.  If you don't hear from me for a couple weeks, you'll know it didn't go too well.
As an aside, I got a flier from one of our brokers the other day that had articles on options and on currency trading on the FOREX.  Jeez, I know I'm more conservative than most but I consider both of those ideas to be about as useful investing ideas for the ordinary person as the video poker machine down at Terribles.  I'd be willing to sell covered puts I guess but that's about it.  Some day-trader playing with a bank's money can probably do pretty well most of the time but I'm certain the rest of us would be losing big time.

Have a good one.


Croft said...

It is difficult to understand alright! Investors are fleeing USA stocks and gold but are going to USA dollars for a safe hiding spot. This makes little sense because the US dollar is only as safe as the US economy in general. You would think they would be going to the Canadian or Ausi dollar for their stability. The Mexican peso is actually very well supported but is actually falling in comparison to the greenback.

We have just been told by the Bank of Canada that our Canadian dollar will sink to $0.93 USA by the end of the year.

JoeinVegas said...

No good place to put your money. Nothing seems stable, and with banks and CDs paying what, 0.1% it's like keeping it in a box at home. Maybe gold coins, but I think we're a little too far along the curve on that one either.

aghagee said...

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