Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tough week

This has been a pretty tough week for us though in the grand scale of things it's a gnat's eyebrow hair.  Our dog went in for cancer surgery on Monday and just watching the poor thing is tough.  Here's a photo of her when we got her home.
She had masses removed from her right hip (shown), her left side, the inside of her left leg and from her chest.  The chest one and the one inside her left leg were cancerous.  The other two were not.  She was still pretty out of it when I took this photo.  The blue bandage was to keep her from bleeding all over; though it didn't do much of a job of that.  We were a little worried because she is, after all, eleven years old and for a large dog that's getting up there.  However she seems to be recovering quite well.  Here she is on Wednesday waiting for a treat (her pain medication wrapped in some cheese).
Animals are really quite amazing.

Wednesday morning I met Ed from the blog The Peregrinating Graybeard for breakfast and a chat.  He lives in his class C with his dog Patches.  It's easy to see who rules THAT roost!  Happily she treats her person rather well.  Being an idiot I didn't think of taking any photos.  Maybe next time.  Like many full-timers Ed prefers to park his rig in nice weather and in a couple months it's going to be really warm here so he'll be long gone but he'll be back in the fall.  I'd be doing the same if we were full-timing.

Since I'm doing photos this a.m. I'll close with one of the bird bath.  We usually have a selection of small song birds, a couple doves and maybe one pigeon.  Mostly the bird bath gets ignored; I think we've only seen one bird actually bathing.  This morning though was slightly different, the pigeons were enjoying the bath.  Sorry for the quality of the photo; I was using my cell phone and shooting through the venetian blinds.
Have a good one!

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Ed said...

Patches and I thank you for the Shout Out. Yes, she does treat her person well. But, as I tell her, over and over, she never had it so good. On those cold windy, rainy or snowy day that are not good for either man nor beast I reminder her that she is the BEAST.

See ya in September, it was a good visit!