Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Odd things....

Yesterday we had some odd happenings around the old homestead.  I noticed it when I went outside with the dog.  The cover of the hot tub had been removed; non-trivial since it had two concrete blocks holding it down.  The other odd thing was that the Weber propane bbq was moved.  Ok, wind COULD have done these things but I find it hard to believe.  However, we have a 5 foot fence around the back yard and all the gates are locked; so anyone who would do anything like this would be pretty athletic.  I just don't know and doubt if I ever will.  Just odd stuff.

Kids are going back to school now; yesterday was the first day.  Boy, do I remember the mixed feelings about the first day of school.  You get to see all your friends again but... school!  For me it was as bad as having a job.  Well, not quite as bad.  At least the teachers were easier on me than my dad!

Have to cut this short.  Taking the car in for service today so we are off to the big city.  We also want to check out Smith Center; a new civic auditorium in Las Vegas.  Should be fun; maybe I'll even take the camera. 

Have a good one.

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