Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still around....

This park was REALLY full when we got here; like there were one or two empty spaces in the whole place.  I mentioned that we had to ask two people to move their cars so we could get into our space.  Since Sunday though it is a lot more quiet.  Here's a shot of the trailer & truck in our space.
As I said, it's a parking lot.  But it is pretty quiet and there is a nice place to walk the dog.  Speaking of dogs, every rig seems to have a couple.  The people behind us only have one but their neighbor has two, the people a space down from us have three.  Jeez. 

We have a quiet day planned for today; just going out to the beach and hanging out.  We might even get our feet wet!  This week has been a good one for walking; my wife's pedometer has registered over 10,000 steps twice.  For us that's a new record.  Not that I'm fading away or anything, no worry about that!  Tomorrow we will pack up and head for home.  Compared to most people here we have nothing with us so it won't take too long to pack up.  Most folks have at least a shade canopy and a couple of bikes outside their rig.  We enjoy staying in the trailer but it's always good to be headed home.

Have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

We were down in SD a few weeks ago, I was glad to come back here