Sunday, June 30, 2013


I know it's not really news about the heat wave that is covering the Southwest U.S. but I've got to say it is warm.  Staying inside and running the a/c is our way of coping.  It's not very unique, or cheap(!) but it works. 
Here our indoor-outdoor thermometer shows 100F (38C) at 20:37 in the evening last Friday night.  That would be about half an hour after sunset.  The 77F (25C) is inside, of course.  I question the 10% humidity outside and the 2% inside.  It is undoubtedly dry but that's pretty extreme. 

Lately we've noticed a jack rabbit hanging out in our back yard.  He (or she) is fairly young but is growing up fast.  It's a good place for a rabbit to live; the coyotes aren't likely to get in and if the did the rabbit would probably be able to get out quicker than they could.  A couple nights ago he came up close to the house and I got a good photo of him.

Here is another photo of the guy having a bit of breakfast that I put out - a few carrots.  

We aren't going  to feed him very often.  We wouldn't like him to get too used to handouts but once in a while he might get something.  I put some water out for him as well but he didn't care about it.  They must get enough liquid from the things they eat.  Their hind legs really are absurdly long compared to the rest of their body; I should try to get a video of him hopping around.  Those legs make them a LOT faster than an ordinary bunny. 

Well, you can tell how exciting things are around here.  Actually it's great!  The lack of drama really works for me.   Hope your drama level is to your liking as well.  Have a good one.


Croft said...

Thank you for FINALLY sharing a little of your heat with us. We have been in the 60's for too long now. The TV says it should start warming up over the next week. Just in time as we are holding our annual patio party next weekend and would not want everyone inside.

JoeinVegas said...

You didn't show the afternoon temps. At least we have a pool (but no bunnies)

Croft said...

120 in Pahrump today and 127 in Death Valley! Drink lots of water!