Saturday, June 01, 2013

Update, nah! Why bother....

My life has been really dull lately so updating the blog is an exercise in 'what did I do'?  We did go into Las Vegas last week but it was just an errand run.  Didn't do anything exciting at all. 

My wife did cook a lovely chicken with garlic recipe.  It was one where you saute the chicken then add whole, unpeeled garlic cloves then put the whole thing into the oven for 15 or 20 minutes.  When it comes out you add a little flour and make a sort of gravy.  It turned out really well and I'm sure we'll be making it again; served it with whole wheat noodles.  It was the first time we'd tried whole wheat noodles and they were just fine; another thing we will use in the future.  I went into the kitchen just before the pan was to come out of the oven and saw that metal handle in the oven so grabbed a mitt and put it on the door of the oven to remind my wife that it would be hot.  She just laughed at my over-cautious nature.  She got it out ok and started in on the gravy.  Sure as the devil, she forgot about the handle and burned herself.  Grrr!  Idiot!  Happily soaking her hand in lots of ice water for the rest of the evening took care of her burn. 

We are getting into triple digits these days (38C) so we walk early; we were out by 06:30 this a.m.  After our walk we get to spend some quality time pulling weeds in the yard.  We each do a trash bag full then declare the work day over; at least the yard work portion!  Retiring to the porch to drink coffee and watch the birds fight at the feeder is lots more fun when you are feeling virtuous from the work and the exercise. 

For some excitement, we stopped by the local office for Humana Health Care.  Our health insurance has always been part of my wife's retirement benefit.  We pay for the insurance but supposedly it is at a cheaper group rate.  Anyway, I'm turning 65 later this year and will be Medicare eligible.  That should be interesting.  The Medicare will be handled by the government but then you have to figure out what additional coverage you want.  That is where the fun part begins.  There is an Advantage program that you can buy that has increased benefits and a drug plan; there are suppliments that offer different options; and there is a stand-alone drug plan.  Oh boy, it makes your head hurt just reading all this BS.  These plans are all just a bit different and, of course, Humana is only one of the companies you can do business with so each company will have it's own little twists.  What the hell, it's only money.  Once you sign up, you are stuck for a year.  You can change things around only in the fall of the year.  Who knows how they come up with these things.  I was afraid to ask if Obamacare was going to impact any of this; I kind of doubt it but I know nothing!

Anyway, there you go, life in the fast lane.  Thanks for visiting.  Have a good one.


JoeinVegas said...

Health care wonders - yea! (maybe time for you to start playing with trains to keep you busy indoors)

edlfrey said...

You left me a SHOUT: Heck, it's cooler in Pahrump!

Well, I moved for that very reason. Since I have been in my new camp the low has ranged from 29 to 34 with the high between 70 and 77.
I asked Patches what she thought of your cat's lion cut and the best I can tell she approves - says HI back to Ya.
My guess is that ObamaCare will raise your premiums and cause more delay in getting care. Humana is one of the Big players so they probably will not drop the Medicare Advantage - not soon anyway.