Friday, July 05, 2013


The fire that started out as a lightning strike on Monday night has now burned about 2,000 acres (800 ha) and is zero percent contained.  NOT a good situation.  Here is a link to the Vegas Review Journal.  There is talk of moving it up to a Type I fire which means the firefighters have more equipment, personnel, etc.  So far there hasn't been any loss of life or any homes destroyed but there are people who live up there so something needs to be done soon.  So far all that has been done is to tell the people to leave their homes.  Here's hoping the new fire teams can put this thing out.

Last night the fire was even more visible from out house than before.  Apparently the fire was moving up a ridge and got to a place visible to us.

We had a quiet day yesterday.  About 21:00 I was listening to some music and started hearing this irregular beat so had to go investigate.  Turns out, of course, it was the town fireworks display for the Fourth of July.  Wow, my head was so far away from that!  We viewed the display from our front porch; it was quite nice.  We were having a lightning storm with a tiny amount of rain at the same time so standing out in the yard didn't sound all that great!  The rain wasn't enough to even leave a puddle so it's not likely to wash us away. 

Here's to having a quiet weekend and much less wildfire! 

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