Sunday, July 07, 2013

Short blog

Just a couple of things I need to report.  One is that I mis-stated the distance to the fire; my photos were when the fire was on this side of the mountains and it was only about 15 miles (24km) away rather than the 30 I stated.  The other BIG thing is that the paper is now saying the fire has covered 9.000 acres(3,600ha)!  OMG, that's a big chunk of land. The fire is now on the eastern side of the mountains so no longer visible to us.  It is also the more populated side so will probably get put out more quickly; there is lots more political pull over there! LOL A photo from our morning walk (sorry about the finger in the upper left hand corner).

I had a mild episode of vertigo this a.m. but since I have my magic pills from our trip to Florida it wasn't really a problem.  It is weird though.  I'm sitting here looking at my email and suddenly can't read anything.  Then it is all I can do to crawl over to the couch and lie down.  Being stationary does the trick and now I can see again.  Weird shit!

Gotta go.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good one.  Take care.

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edlfrey said...

I think your treating the symptoms. It might be time to find out the cause of your vertigo.